Chicks 4 Sale - $10.00 each

Chicks R Us is happy to sell the chicks from the classroom experience to families and friends.

Chicks R Us want you to have a positive fun experience with your chickens at all times and are committed to supporting our customers to achieve this. As a part of the Chicks 4 Sale program, parents simply write their name and phome numbers in the payment envelope as part of the condition of sale.

To support parents, we will offer a follow up service for the six weeks after you take your chicken home.

From our experience some families find after a while that they cannot look after the chickens as initially thought. Our service provides an option to parents of returning their chickens, by them bringing the chickens to the farm. The parents can call us Chicks R Us or Barter and Sons Hatchery 02 477 33 222 at Luddenham (near Penrith) and arrange a time they will visit the farm and drop off their chicken or rooster free.

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