The Experience

Info For Teachers

This is a comprehensive learning experience that stands alone with its own complete age appropriate program. The Chicks R Us experience can complement other program themes such as farms, living things, visual arts, growing pp, cycles in our world and cyclic patterns in nature....

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Info For Parents

This program offers an opportunity for children to experience a pet in their home, with the advantage of being able to hand it back. It also works well with other pets as they are unable to get into the chicks enclosure. It is a short term experience for sharing and caring a new "friend". Ideal for units and houses as it takes up very little space. All you need is a table and power point....

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Purchasing Chicks

Chicks R Us is happy to sell the chicks from the classroom experience to families and friends....

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Visit Our Farm!
Buy day old chickens
to Point of Lay Hens.
6 breeds
Freight available -
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OPEN 5 Days
Monday Closed
Tuesday 10am –5.30
Wed 11am—5.30
Thurs Closed
Fri 11am—3.30pm
Saturday 9.30– 3.30
Sunday 9.30– 1.00
Public Holidays Closed

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