Where have your eggs come from?

Our eggs are from a chicken farm that was established in 1933. The farm is specifically designed to produce hen laying eggs.

Our red chicks (Rhode Island Reds) and black chicks (Australorps) are of a pure breed strain. The yellow chicks (White Leghorns) are cross bred with Australorps.

We hand select breeding stock which means your chicks are of the best quality.

The chicks are bred naturally in an open environment ie. hens and roosters are on the ground, not in cages.

The value of having your own chicken...
A hen lays on average one egg a day.
365 eggs for you a year = 30 dozen eggs
30 dozen x $4.00 (average shop price) = $120.00
Fresh free range eggs are a deeper yellow in colour and have more flavour.

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to Point of Lay Hens.
6 breeds
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OPEN 7 Days
Monday 9am—3pm
Tuesday 10am –5.30
Wed 11am—5.30
Thurs 11am—3.30pm
Fri 11am—3.30pm
Saturday 9.30– 3.30
Sunday 9.30– 1.00
Public Holidays Closed

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