Information for Parents

This program offters an opportunity for children to experience a pet in their home, with the advantage of being able to hand it back. It also works well with other pets as they are unable to get into the chicks enclosure. It is a short term experience for sharing and caring a new "friend". Ideal for units and houses as it takes up very little space. All you need is a table and power point.
This activity allows your children to spend endless free time and family time collectively experiencing nature at work. As the eggs hatch everyday over a one week period, your children get to enjoy a first hand experience of chicken hatching.
The experience comes with a 2 week educational program full of bright ideas suited to your child's age of development to keep them involved and actively learning.
Once hatched the chicks stay on another week so children can hold them and observe the chicks developing further.
It's a fun activity which fills in every day. Children will want to be at home because it's exciting and they're eager to see, "What's happening now?", "How many more chicks have hatched?", "What colours are they?".
It's a unique country experience for city children.
Birthdays become exciting events.
It's very simple and can be left without real intervention or maintenance.
A wonderful opportunity to include visitors, children's friends and the wider family. A total shared experience all the family could benefit from.
Chicks R Us is Sydney-based so if you need any support or have any questions during the egg hatching program we are close by to render assistance.
We are a registered business with our own public liability insurance. We comply with the NSW Agricultural Animal Welfare Inspectorial Office guidelines.

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